Mac stands on tall shoulders |

Mac stands on tall shoulders

I would like to thank the Academy … I mean, thanks to The Aspen Times for such glowing words. Everyone who has had a taste of success knows that we are only tall because of the shoulders we stand on. There is an elaborate team that has brought this athletic skiing community the bounty of Highland Bowl.

First and foremost, to have a boss like Ron Chauner, who will let a dreamer dream and doers act. Then he blessed us with a patrol with genetic mutants that have the physical prowess to do the Herculean work it takes to open such a magnificent playground. It’s no secret that I exploit the talents of every patroller. Thank you.

I no longer have the wheels and the back to pack 90 pounds of sacrete up 700 vertical feet to cement in belay anchors. So thanks to PMO, GO-GO and Mitch, the backbone of my summer crew which does the heavy work, and makes it safer for the packing team that shows up in the fall.

I’m not very good with computers, and I’m not disciplined enough to sift through the tons of data it requires to put the weather information into a useful form so vital to our forecasting. Thanks O.J.

My job sometimes picks me to be the spokesman for Highlands and for the work of our patrol. I only hope that I can do the patrol and the mountain justice. This distraction is only possible because I have two great supervisors to take care of business, and keep the job of public safety first and foremost. Thanks Hags; thanks Heine.

To the docs at Ortho and Chris Peshek for putting me back in the game more times than one can count.

I have a few partners that, without their support, none of this would be possible.

Jim Stark, a longtime servant of this community working for the Forest Service. Together we have accomplished the best skiing product on the planet, as well as minimizing the inevitable footprints on the environment.

The management and our gracious owners, for they feel the pulse the Highland Bowl has given to this community. For they are part of this community, and in their endeavors they come upon many locals that expound on the joy that the Bowl has brought to their lives.

So to everyone that understands what the buzz is all about, you’ll need to do your part – that is, come out and ski with all of us.

Mac Smith

Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol Director

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