Luster on the bluster |

Luster on the bluster

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

I’m calling for bluster.

Bluster in the weather forecast. Bluster at the X Games. Bluster at the bars.

Yes, friends, it’s gonna be the bluster ball.

Right here in Aspen, Colorado, the only ski town in the world able to claim “we once partied like nobody else and we might just do it again.”

Yesterday’s weather bluster started at 1:00 p.m. The flakes started falling but it was an empty, noisy threat of an actual snowstorm. It was at least a quarter of a trace.

Today, they sez at bluster HQ, is gonna be partly cloudy this morning and then mostly cloudy with, get this, a slight chance of snow. Highs in the mid 30s start midmorning.

Tonight, look for breezy (if she’s out). And partly cloudy. And wear clothes cause all I can give you is five to 10.

Thursday will be windy and mostly cloudy with a slight chance.

Thursday night will be windy, mostly cloudy with a chance. Lows 8 to 15 (still cold).

Friday, windy and mostly.

Saturday, windy and mostly with a slight. Sunday, cloudy with a chance.

Go figure. Where are we, the Rocky Desert?

Do you think the X Games will be full of bluster?

Check the definitions.

“To roar and be tumultuous, as wind.”

I say, yes, for sure.

“To be loud, noisy, or swaggering.”


“To force or accomplish by blustering.”

Yes, but applies to posers only.

“Boisterous noise and violence.”

Damn close.

“Noisy, empty threats or protests.”

No. That’s the weather guys’ gig.

And right on.

The Inn at Aspen looks like West 57th Street, the Milk’s parking lot is home to a fleet of circus trailers, and the snow gladiators are good to go.

But the X Games do not spilleth over.

The other three upper Roaring Fork Valley ski areas will be very lightly crowded with skiers and riders gently swooping to and fro in respectable, familiar patterns.

Here’s the deal with the steeps, at least in broad terms. Aspen Highlands has 95 percent of its steeps open including Da Bowl. Ajax has 100 percent, it sez, but I gotta believe it’s fairly easy prospecting in spots. Snowmass has 83 percent of its steep terrain open.

Buttermilk has 82 percent of its entire mountain open for the X Games. And riding the lift during the Moto X big honking air is awesome.

One take on the X Games is that some people in town may just not care about the ups and downs of it all. But tell you what, the production values rock.

Every fan wants this show to come back next year, but this could be it. So excuse yourself and go.

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