Lucky to have Mick |

Lucky to have Mick

Dear Editor:

Having spent 12 years working with Mick Ireland on issues including budget, legislation, policy direction, personnel, housing needs, population growth, airport, landfill, land use, open space, roads and bridges, (especially, the “old railroad bridge” replacement, for which Mick must be given much credit), housing, taxation policy and more, I feel qualified to comment on his ability to work in the political, social, legislative and complex world of governance, both in Pitkin County and on the state and national levels.

Because Mick is educated and informed, analytical, smart, dedicated to this community, and able to use words well, he engages in lively and challenging discussions on issues. There is emotion related to that kind of commitment. Our debates on issues were not quiet, nor without a lot of hand waving on my part. But we always walked away from those discussions knowing more, recognizing the challenges, and respecting our differences, and with a greater understanding of another’s position. Challenges to Mick’s strong defense of community values, such as growth management and the environment, were always met with well-thought-out and clearly stated positions. As I well know, passionately felt positions do not always sound “calm” to the challenger!

The balance that must be reached to accommodate one’s beliefs, the policies under which one operates, and the laws that govern any actions are the keys to good governance. For 12 years, I watched Mick operate within those principles. His dedication to this community, his ability to do the essential research, and his ability to bring balance to the decisions are commendable attributes.

We are fortunate to have an individual as capable and as committed as Mick Ireland willing to serve.

Dorothea Farris

Pitkin County commissioner, 1996-2008


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