Lucky to have Dr. Bruice |

Lucky to have Dr. Bruice

Hats off to Dr. Bruice for going out on his own.

I sincerely hope Dr. Bruice continues his practice in town on his own.

The nurse/midwives have been practicing as physicians in this town long enough, and they are neither capable nor trained physicians, but seeing patients as if they were.

My experience with one of the midwives at Aspen Center for Women’s Health is a perfect example.

After Dr. Caskey retired, I went to the midwives for my health care. I should have known better, and I do take responsibility for my own actions, as they are not doctors.

I had a lump that was bothering me and went to the center for a routine exam. After pointing out that my lump hurt, I was told by the midwife that cancer didn’t hurt nor did it move (both symptoms I had), and I probably didn’t have anything to worry about. She sent me for a mammogram and nothing showed up.

I went home with great relief. A year later when I went back for my annual physical, I again complained about the same lump. I again was told by the midwife it was probably nothing. This time it had grown so it was visible on my mammogram, and by this time my cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.

I have since learned that a simple ultra-sound with my first signs of trouble could have been ordered, and it is possible that the lump would have been discovered because of its position. This was never discussed by either the midwife or the hospital.

Not once did our practicing midwife call me or show any concern after learning of my diagnosis. As a matter of fact, when I went to their office for an appointment (with Dr. Bruice), the midwife asked me how, as a single mother, was I possibly going to be able to take care of my children during my upcoming treatments.

Dr. Bruice, on the other hand, was kind and attentive. He continues to care for me on an ongoing basis with great concern.

Dr. Bruice took on a huge responsibility of supervising the midwives. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to take on that responsibility. They were lucky to have him. I for one am delighted that he is out on his own.

Thanks, Dr. Bruice.

Kim Kelly


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