Lucky readers |

Lucky readers

Dear Editor:We Aspen Times readers are most fortunate. Monday, Sept. 26, for example, we had access to Gina Guarasclo’s perceptive and detail-rich report on the Iraq protest in Washington, D.C., and to Cathleen Krahe’s letter, similarly powerful, telling us about the misery and havoc, the irrevocable human tragedies we’ve inflicted (and continue to) on the innocent people of Iraq.Fortunately, we now know that the “strong leader” we believed in after 9/11 (despite evidence to the contrary) is an impostor, hanging onto the coattails of the true leader, Rudy Giuliani. It’s tragic that it took a hurricane with Iraq-caliber destruction to reveal our “clueless conservative” for what he is. Now, let’s end the war he lied us into.Ed WagerCarbondale

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