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Frisch knows the issues

Dear Editor:

Vote for Adam Frisch for mayor. I moved to the Aspen valley 20 years ago and have lived in several locations between Snowmass and Aspen in employee housing and free-market rentals. Aspen has an incredible employee-housing program that continues to expand to meet the needs of the community.

My wife Sallie and I were fortunate to be able to purchase a resident-occupied unit in town in 2007. I became friends with Adam Frisch about seven years ago. Adam knows the issues with affordable housing as well as anyone I have spoken with and is open to discussing how it currently works and how it could be improved. From watching City Council meetings, I am greatly impressed with Adam’s patience with others and ability to treat all with respect. Aspen would benefit greatly from having a mayor with Adam’s character, intelligence and leadership.

Please join me in voting for Adam Frisch.

Jim Klein