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With 65 years of life experience, 38 of them living in Glenwood Springs, I decided to give my opinion on the bridge replacement. Everybody seems to agree that the new bridge will do nothing to alleviate the traffic clog through Glenwood. While the super speedway off ramp and “monster” bridge may be an engineering marvel and would be wonderful at any number of places on the Front Range, the majority of people I’ve talked to agree that it is totally out of place with the character of Glenwood. The only things that I see this proposed bridge will accomplish is letting traffic reach a higher terminal speed by the time vehicles get to the Eighth Street crossing downtown and stroking the egos of the engineers that designed it. Oh, and burn through money that the Colorado Department of Transportation says it doesn’t have enough of.

So, here is the Stanley Trulock theory on bridge replacement: Design a bridge that looks like the current one, has the same alignment and is four lanes wide. Get rid of the tin sidewalk that’s currently attached to the side of the bridge. We have a perfectly good pedestrian bridge right now. I’m sure the same engineers who came up with the current bridge design that we are told is the preferred option (by whom?) can come up with a way for handicapped and wheeled vehicles to appropriately access it. If CDOT does this, it may be able to stay within its budget and would not have to ask (force) the city and county to help fund a state highway project. The city and county could then use the money they were going to give to the state for projects that would really help some of the traffic get through town. The Eighth Street bridge realignment, Midland Avenue improvement and south bridge come to mind. As an added benefit, maybe the disruption to the downtown businesses and residents won’t be as bad for as long.

Stanley A. Trulock

Glenwood Springs