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Low wages at high altitude

Dear Editor:

I’m sure the chamber maids, bartenders, waitresses, clerks, attendants, bus drivers, taxi drivers, city workers, maintenance workers, landscapers, sanitation workers and lift attendants will all stand up and applaud Mr. Klug and the Aspen Chamber Resort Association efforts to keep their wages low and the abundant supply of workers willing to work for low wages.

This great effort by Mr. Klug and company, to take this noble cause all the way to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., shows an uncommon concern and care for workers not seen in a long time. He should be featured in this year’s Aspen Ideas Fest. With rising gas prices, food prices and the general hemorrhaging of trust in leadership, I’m sure the workers around here won’t mind picking up more slack for “team” Aspen.

Tim Honan