Low standards

Tonight, when I read Tim Mutrie’s front page article about the X Games, I was totally disgusted with the quotes he chose to use in Friday’s story.

Is anyone reading the copy before it is printed? Isn’t that part of an editor’s job?

It is bad enough hearing this type of language on the street, but to have it printed in the paper is something I didn’t expect in The Aspen Times.

How can we, as a community, hold to any standards when the local newspaper prints this foul language? I thought The Aspen Times would set a higher level of journalism. Were you doing your jobs, Mike Hagan or Jenna Weatherred? This does not look professional, nor does it reflect well on our community.

Please review your publishing policies. Is this the new image we want to cultivate for Aspen/Snowmass visitors and residents? I hope not.

Disappointed reader …

Jan Cochran

Snowmass Village