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Low-life trash

Dear Editor:

Many of the public parks in Carbondale have signs that read, “No Dog or Glass Containers in Park.” I understand the desire to not have broken glass or bottles lying around that could cause injury to park users. And yes, I, even as a dog owner, understand that all too many other dog owners do not pick up after their “best friends.” So a few jackass-lazy dog owners may have brought the dog ban to the parks. Dogs and glass are not my beef today! Lazy, disrespectful jackasses are the subject of this editorial.

The signs should be amended to include all those who continue littering the parks. Of course they would not pick up dog crap. Many persons don’t even pick up after themselves. Now I am not going to BS anyone, and yes, I do walk my dog across the park on our way to the City Market. I am always astounded by the amount of trash the previous park visitors leave behind.

The basketball and volleyball courts are surrounded by energy drink cans, glass bottles, Big Gulp cups, candy wrappers and even the occasional condom – yes, of course it’s a used one. I only pick those up if there is a stick around, but somebody’s gotta pick it up. The picnic table areas often have discarded grocery bags, empty deli containers, and other trash scattered around them. The soccer field is no exception. Twice a week some football/soccer enthusiast religiously leave behind their tapioca pudding snack packs and Dole pineapple container. A healthy snack indeed! But get off your athletically lazy asses and pick up your trash, or I might follow you home sometime and let my dog shit in your front yard. Then when I am picking up your trash in the park, you can step in my dog’s scat on the way to your car, and get in the car with crap on your shoes. That would not be very nice or karmic of me, but do you smell what I’m stepping in?

We are all blessed to live in the beautiful area we call home! We are fortunate to have the wonderful park and recreation areas at our disposal. So I kindly ask all users to dispose of all trash they bring to these areas, and, hell, even pick up another piece of trash that is not yours. Increasing your karma never hurts. Have a great day and get out to enjoy the parks before the snow piles up.

John Norman


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