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Low-down dirty politics

Dear Editor:

In regards to Roger Marolt’s column in The Aspen Times on Oct. 15, one election does not a trend make.

The story about Roger’s father and his election attempt back in 1994 is a interesting story, but I fail to see the correlation. The “Dicktator” ad might have given Mick Ireland the election, but other than being a nasty person, Mick really didn’t start the fight.

In the “hitheroadjack”-gate, it was Jack Johnson, Mick Ireland, the City Council and the city attorney who cast the first stone. This whole fight began when Chris Bryan and Elizabeth Milias (seated election judges for the May 2008 election) went to a Aspen City Council meeting to ask for independent council to look into the irregularities in the May election.

Council stated their disapproval of the idea and instead of declaring the request dead, Mick Ireland went on one of his famous tirades and vilified the pair. Jack Johnson decided to jump on the hatchet job and dug up more dirt in related e-mails between Bryan, Milias and Marilyn Marks and cried foul.

That attack was against a couple of volunteers, which all of our elections rely upon heavily. You never yell or threaten volunteers because they never come back. Well, the city and Jack yelled and threatened investigations, and Bryan and Milias left.

I believe that the hittheroadjack website was created, in part, because of the blow-up at that council meeting and Johnson’s piling on at the subsequent council meeting. “People in glass houses.”

I don’t condone this kind of website, but I must say that it does show Jack Johnson for what he is: a manipulating, behind-the-scenes, angry, vindictive, drama-filled, rude politician.

On the other side we have Rob Ittner: a bright, thoughtful, polite, business-minded man who talks straight. Who would you rather vote for?

As far as the 17-year reign of current politics, I really don’t think the “dicktator” ad had much do with that either. I believe this reign has been supported by thuggery, threats and low-down dirty politics.

James H. Perry


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