Love trumps violence |

Love trumps violence

Dear Editor:

If I may respond to Mr. Mason, I see evil differently (letters, Oct. 30). It is my understanding that there are only two human emotions, love and fear. And that all the others condense from a complex interaction of the two. Love and fear are opposite. If love is God, then fear must be the evil you refer to. I understand the acts you described as driven by fear. Each example attests to fears potency in compelling destructive acts and all destructive acts are ultimately self destructive. Fear drove “Judea to declare war on Germany in March 1933,” and fear drove the German reaction to Jews.

Conversely, think of all the people you love and respect. How do they treat you? In practical terms, when hitchhiking around the world with my wife, often traveling in poor areas, we learned that fear of people could bring out predatory reactions. We learned we could disarm those reactions by checking fear and replacing it with friendship and respect. Friendship was always returned.

What works on a personal level, works on an international level. Who wants to attack New Zealand or Costa Rica? Again, goodwill and respect is usually reciprocated. Love casts out fear.

Murderers, rapists and thieves ARE let out of prison, eventually. They are left on a street with just the clothes on their back and animosity and fear from society. Can you imagine a better way to heal them than with love, and if they aren’t healed, what will they do?

Anything that lurks against us CAN be dissolved with love.

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John Hoffmann


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