Love lost and celebrated |

Love lost and celebrated

Dear Editor:

Witness beauty however you may, after all, you are the beholder. Beauty is ever present and it is only a matter of when, that we choose to acknowledge it. Beauty does not take from us. Beauty gives itself to us completely with unparalleled truth. That truth is love.

On Feb. 10 many were able to take part in this truth by expressing their love and appreciation for the life of Cody Joseph Allen Decker ” son, brother, friend and truly magnificent person whose life touched that of many. Beauty, love and cheer as ironic as they are in times of grievance and mourning, they do not take away from the reality of losing a friend. The fact that it’s times like these in which we allow ourselves the freedom of expression without self prejudice puts a twinkle in my eyes. A piece of us is hollowed out when we lose someone we love. The twinkle in my eyes is released in tears because this is what it took to bring so many of us together. The tears run through a smile which has acknowledged a beautiful truth of the love we are all capable of, this priceless moment of authenticity.

Cody, we are all going to miss you tremendously. Although you are no longer with us, our hearts continue holding a beat for you. We thank you Cody for sharing so many years of your wonderful being with us, and we thank you for allowing us to love you. It is selfish to wish for more, therefore we will forever treasure what we have.

I rid myself now of that which took you from us, that choice which brings about the crude reality of excessive behavior. I thank you for being the beautiful and young example my being has been awakened to. The choice we make to defy death with life is a choice we face many times throughout any given day. There may be six million ways to die, and in honor and celebration of our friend, this is one choice I do not have to think about. Cody, thank you for being you, thank you for being here, and thank you for being a beautiful part of our lives.

On behalf of everyone, family and friends, I would like to thank Gwyn’s High Alpine Restaurant for allowing us a beautiful gathering for love and memory. Aspen Skiing Co. for providing extraordinary services in this moment of love lost and love celebrated. Four Mountain Sports for providing the gear which gave many the privilege of a beautiful and emotional run down the slopes I know my homie enjoyed. Much love to my homeboy’s familia for choosing to live here. Everyone I forgot, please don’t take it personal. If anyone is offended by the manner in which I’ve expressed this letter, get over it, love is greater!

Pedro Rivera

Glenwood Springs

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