Love letter from Emzy |

Love letter from Emzy

Dear Editor:Although I wished I could have voted for Sarah Hemme as the “sexiest female Aspenite,” I can assure your public she is a superstar babe I met in the summer of 2004 in Aspen.Sarah Hemme has brains, beauty, personality and a creative wit. I hope everything I just mentioned about her is still intact, according to my strict criteria to judge women.Since you failed to find her in Aspen, perhaps she returned to her college campus where she was last year. She pops in for the summer and disappears before she falls in the fall with her family and all.At least now The Aspen Times can e-mail her because of me to ask her, “Whazzup, sexy mama?”Well, Sarah Hemme will wonder why I took so long to e-mail her. The answer is simple, “I can pass the test to reflect upon a superstar lady. Heaven knows why.”Any way Sarah Hemme has read what your public reads now, hasn’t she, Sarah?Emzy VeazyBurbank, Calif.

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