Love is the solution |

Love is the solution

Dear Editor:

Anything that lurks against us can be dissolved with love. That’s the challenge. To an astrologer, 9/11 was synonymous with the dropping of a veil that clouded our vision for 248 years. In removing the veil we have received a tremendous gift in the dark genius of the Bush Administration. The utter transparency of the subterfuge and depth of media collusion illuminates the ease and effectiveness of manufacturing fear.

This is the ripe manure that our evolution will flower in because of our conscious awareness of it. The exploitation awakens in us the wisdom that fuels our metamorphosis. It shouts about how vital awareness, fearlessness and good information are in creating a sane society. It cultivates the understanding that security is only found within trust and that trust is only found within goodwill. Injustice can’t help but seek justice. Ending terrorism is the easiest thing in the world. The solution is self-evident. Provide the same justice you enjoy. Balance originates in parity.

The choice between conscious evolution and unconscious devolution stands before us naked. How do we envision the future; how will we live our lives? I suppose we have no choice but to evolve, as we have for millennia, into the next level of understanding and grace. But I feel we are best off by striving fearlessly, living a life true to the unified spirit, awake and aware that we have someplace to go.

John Hoffmann