Love is in the pair of skis |

Love is in the pair of skis

Jeanne McGovern

I think I’m in love. Make that “Luv,” as in K2’s line of women’s skis, which were the boards of choice for a gaggle of girls on Aspen Mountain yesterday.I hooked up with ladies at Aspen Sports, sponsors of an all-women ski day, got set up on a pair of One Luvs and headed to the gondola. The sky was crystal blue, there was a nice dusting of snow on the slopes and I was being paid to ski. What more can you ask for?Still, I must confess, I was a bit wary. Looking around at the two dozen or so “advanced” women I was to ski with, including our guide – women’s ski guru Kim Reichhelm – I had the sinking feeling I was in way over my head. First problem: demo skis. I’ve rarely had a good first day on a new pair of skis. But with those sweet, 167-centimeter One Luvs (other skis in the T:Nine Luv quiver are Phat, Burnin’, True, Sweet and First) that was hardly an issue. Second, and perhaps bigger, problem: I haven’t skied in what seems like years. Sure, I’ve skied. But I haven’t really skied. Not that I haven’t wanted to, mind you, but it’s been a busy half decade (read: having babies, chasing toddlers, snowplowing behind preschoolers down Panda Peak).But after screaming down Spar with a group of gals who just wanted to have some fun – the first thing Reichhelm and the other two Skico instructors said to the group was “we’re going to talk very little and ski a whole lot” – it all came rushing back to me. Skiing is great.Sure, my legs were burning and I will be crippled today, but what a morning. And with a technical pointer or two, an awesome pair of skis and a few laughs thrown in the mix, I can honestly say I’m excited for the ski season – for the first time in a long time.Like I said, I think I’m love.Jeanne McGovern’s e-mail address is