Love flows in Basalt |

Love flows in Basalt

Dear Editor:

We are so loved! If you were not at Lloyd’s Redneck Ball at Two Rivers, then you truly missed out on an incredible time! We rocked the place!

We want to send out a big thank-you to so many who made this evening a success. Two Rivers (where all the locals go) was so gracious to us, and the bands kept things going well into the night (Bo Hale Band, Harleywood Band and Night Plane Band). Lloyd couldn’t even resist shaking a leg to these bands!

Did I mention food? Well, not only did we get homemade truffles, but many local restaurants pitched in to make it a delicious meal. We had over 90 silent auction items donated from all the locals! You’re the best! Lloyd and I really had a great time! Just imagine a place filled with all your friends, great food and great music. It doesn’t get any better than that!

To all those who were able to donate to the fund at Bank of Colorado, thanks so much! Bank of Colorado, thank you also! Times are hard for so many of us and through it all many of you still found a way to pitch in. We will never forget! You have changed our lives forever with your kindness.

Knowing that the love of my life is going to be OK and that we are so loved by so many, makes our hearts burst with joy! We are both inspired to pass on the love. Thank you again, everyone, for all of the hard work and money you put into this benefit. It was worth it to us tenfold. We love you all.

Lloyd, Gena and kids


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