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Lost business

Dear Editor:With all of the media attention pointing to the most difficult economy that anyone can remember, and eateries in the Aspen area struggling mightily just to stay afloat, business must be very good at the Snowmass Bakery & Caf. Good enough to throw away customers. At lunch there today, I had my worst customer experience of any kind, in 32 years of regular visits to Aspen, Snowmass.In the middle of lunch with my family, while eating at one of the outdoor tables, the owner/manager of the Bakery came out, picked up a small sign that said “For Snowmass Bakery & Caf customers only,” rudely waved it at us and said “I guess this doesn’t mean anything to you.” He then proceeded to systematically pick up all of the other tables/chairs/umbrellas (which were all empty, by the way), saying that he’s “done” providing outdoor seating at his establishment. At first, we were shocked … then angry. He didn’t yell, and neither did we. I even showed him our receipt! And in his own defense, I was eating a slice of pizza from Goodfellows, as the rest of my family ate $24.51 worth of food from the Snowmass Bakery & Caf. I didn’t care for the lunch choices, but wanted to eat together with my wife and children, who had already purchased his food. Although we were all upset, I tried to consider his point of view while riding back up the chairlift. Yep, I didn’t buy the pizza from him. But I also didn’t bring food into his establishment, as we were eating outdoors. We weren’t taking a table away from any other customers who had spent more money than we did in the bakery – we were the only ones there. And we had spent money to support his business. Yep, according to his little sign, we were customers (myself included – a cookie). In fact, we have been loyal customers on every visit since the first week that the original Paradise Bakery opened, in Snowmass.Now, I’m sad to say, we will no longer patronize the Snowmass Bakery & Caf, even though it has been our favorite stop on the mall, for many years. That probably doesn’t matter, though. Obviously, they must have enough business to turn away long-time, loyal customers.Chris TessemBartlett, Ill.

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