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Loss of freedoms

Dear Editor:Mr. Masferrer, I appreciated your recent column, “Keep the faith in American freedom” (Aspen Times, Sept. 10), which deals with trading American freedoms for hoped-for security. You said that the terrorists’ aim “was to destroy our freedom, to destroy our way of life.” However, in reacting with “The Patriot Act and other measures …” we “gave the terrorists at least a partial victory.” And “any freedom we might give up because of fear may never be returned.”You covered all the bases on an issue that the American public needs to hear over and over. I would only add another organization to the list of groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, which fight to protect our freedoms. While both the Republican and Democratic parties will happily trade our American freedoms in exchange for votes from fearful citizens, only the Libertarian Party, http://www.lp.org, fights to protect and restore our constitutionally granted freedoms.The threat from these terrorist religious fanatics, while a horrific concern for the short-term years to come, is temporal. The loss of the freedoms we have historically enjoyed as Americans can well be permanent.Thomas C. PeckhamAspen