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Losing the Isis would be costly

Dear Editor:Letter writer Tom Anderson (“Screw you Aspen,” Aspen Times, May 3) is one very angry man who doesn’t want Aspen to own the Isis Theatre. Because its purchase is so important to the future of our resort economy, I am answering his call.Rather than Aspen “not get[ting] it,” it is Mr. Anderson who doesn’t get it. For Aspen to preserve its place in the very competitive ski industry, it needs to offer a full array of visitor options. We have always rated high among skiers for our nightlife – indeed for many years we were No. 1 in that category. We’re no longer there. The nightclub scene is smaller, for one thing, and as of today, our movie scene is smaller. It could go away. Think of just this one example: If the Isis is lost, it is very likely that we would lose the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. It is an event that fills our town with tourists all paying for our lodges, supporting our restaurants and incidentally giving us invaluable national publicity.Anderson dismisses the fact that real estate values have priced movies out of the market, but losing the Isis is about much more than the movies. And is there really anything so unusual about us (the citizens of Aspen) owning it? We chose to build and own a beautiful recreation center because there was a need for one. If there were no movies in Aspen, we’d realize the need for them in much the same manner. It is Anderson, who I note does not live in Aspen, who is off-base. As I said, this is not just about having movies in Aspen, it is about preserving our economy. This is a small price to pay.Jon BuschAspen

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