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Lose the buses

Dear Editor:

Our bus lanes are very narrow and the drivers are probably focusing on the fading double line to their left and nothing else, their best bet not to scrape the guard rails on the other side. It also takes good eyesight to see those lines at night. No local would ever walk where the two accidents happened. The Maroon Creek “jump” most likely happened because a bus was approaching and the man tried to move to the side, only there was a gap.

Our traffic jams – not that they bother me; I do not have to drive then – happen because of those lanes and the Castle Creek bridge bottleneck. On the bridge and in the roundabout they are non-existent anyway!

We have room for four lanes or more leaving the center of town other than that bridge. From there on, the highway has room too but is restricted because of the lane arrangements. Many drivers are confused and do not even accelerate after the roundabout. Dual lanes, instead of bus lanes and a higher speed limit, would alleviate the out-of-town traffic jam. There would be more room for pedestrians and bikers near the shoulders, with out the lanes

In my humble opinion, the whole bus scene is one big overkill. The commuters traveling downvalley are mostly service personnel for our wealthy. Those workers mostly have to travel by car or truck. The bus riders are almost all illegal aliens. I am ready for the flack – only they can’t read this anyway.

I ride the bus free, twice or more a year to Glenwood or Rifle, for shuttling airplanes and I appreciate it. But when I do, they are usually almost empty, make 20-minute detours to Bonedale where there could be a shuttle.

Solutions: Big second-owner houses that were made to build service personal annexes to their properties should be used and occupied by housekeepers.

No bus lanes, better shoulders. Better acceleration out of town. Castle Creek bridge! They say there are intelligent people in town. Some should crunch all the figures. What is spent on buses, equipment, fuel? The heavier use of the roads … I may convert one of my old VWs to electric, which would make it to the airport or even Glenwood.

The buses, even though they cost half a mill, may soon be dinosaurs, along with all their lanes. I figured out what it costs to run the Hunter Creek bus route – it’s easy! Those buses run empty all summer. For the skiers, make some ski storage available by the lifts. Or go into Aspen mountain by Lift 1 and furnish lots of in-ground parking for all the Chevy Volts, hybrids and in general modern cars that pollute less than the buses,

Dieter Bibbig


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