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Loosen the jockstrap

Suzi Fagina
Aspen/New York

After reading your recent article about the new AVH “dress code policy,” I just about peed my new lacey undies, but that might be too much information.

The quote that “how you dress correlates with how you conduct yourself” is laughable at best. To tell us that a highly trained M.D. can’t set a bone appropriately or that they are not conducting themselves properly due to the cycling pants they’re wearing is ridiculous. Someone needs to loosen his or her jockstrap.

Most of these M.D.’s are working on an “on-call” basis during these times. I guess we should expect them to wait around and eat donuts and drink coffee, instead of doing disgusting healthy habits like skiing, biking or whatever in a very outdoor-oriented town. Maybe dressing in fur boots and coats would give them the ability to conduct themselves in a more “Aspen M.D.” manner.

Don’t get me wrong, being treated by a sweaty M.D. in tight bike shorts, and depending on how those bike shorts fit, is all relative. Well, now that the AVH board has solved some “conduct” issues, I hope they can now stop getting their Gucci knickers in a bunch and carry on with other time-consuming problems. (Like lack of a CEO and leadership.)


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