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Loop blockage

So there I was, riding the Hunter Creek Loop in Aspen’s backyard, with my faithful dog Gringo. This is the same mountain bike ride I’ve ridden since my first summer here, way back in ?86. I rode over the nice new bridge (incidentally, what was wrong with the old one?) and went for my usual swim in the old city reservoir.

Imagine my surprise, when riding down the same old singletrack, the one my friends helped Fritz build, I found someone has built a four-foot-high, three-log-type fence across the path.

Who can I talk to, in order to see if it is possible to still use the same right of way so that we can still do our awesome full-moon hikes past Shag Rock and sit on the old log bench, which overlooks Ute City?

Surely Fritz didn’t envision the trail he built for public access being closed off for just one “single-family dwelling unit.”

P.S. If anyone can enlighten me on access rights, I’ll be happy to meet them at McStorlie’s on Friday night.

Martin T. Suthren


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