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Looking for that wow effect

In the 11 years since I opened the gallery in Aspen, nearly every day, a photographer, both local and from as far away as China, has asked me the same question, What does it take to get an exhibition at your gallery?I may not always say this in actuality to the questioner, but I always think it, I have zero control over what my clients purchase. They write the checks. The only thing I have control over is what I put on my walls.What it takes is an out-of-control WOW!”, something that keeps me up at night, that makes my heart feel like its going to leap out of my chest, something Ive never seen before in quite that way.Like most gallerists, I receive solicitations daily and only very rarely, I cant tell you how rarely, does a body of work elicit a WOW! Occasionally one print out of a group might do it, but anyone can be lucky. In 1997, out of the ethers, I received an unsolicited package of black and white photographs from someone named Franco Donaggio from Milano in Italia and I didnt sleep that night. Now almost seven years later, I am once again exhibiting his newest series; this one is titled URBIS. If you love art, come by and see this show. You dont have to buy anything, you dont even have to talk to me. Just come by and look at his dreams. His work deserves your attention. One other thing really captivated me in 1997, when he sent that first package of b&w prints. He wrote me then that he was a successful commercial photographer in Milano, but that if he did not do something that was art he would go crazy. I understood and respected his desperation. I understood and still understand crazy. His work has changed a lot since 1997, color now rather than b&w; the use of a computer as part of the process. But the work still keeps me up at night, still elicits a WOW! As I type this for you all to read, Fred Wilson, my wonderful chiropractor, just walked in to pick up some photographs and the first word out of his mouth as his eyes scanned the walls was WOW! I rest my case.Joel SorokaAspen