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Looking for strange love

Dear Editor:In reference to single women between the ages of 25 and 40, where are all the unusual and strange ones? Do they only live in communities with populations larger than Pitkin County? It seems to me that most of the single women who live here are predictable. I have noticed a trend in how they live their lives and what they expect from guys. What do they do when they aren’t working? Do they go out? Do they hang out in Aspen’s restaurants, bars and clubs? Do they only hang out with guys who have a little bad boy in them?For most of the women I meet, it seems they are interested in the typical guy who conforms to the current social conventions. These conventions don’t encourage guys to be a little odd and bizarre. I have been told there’s an acceptable way to approach women for dating and just plain friendship. Where are the women who think outside the box when it comes to this concept? Where are the women who are tired of the average guy with the same-old slick rap? Where are the women who are looking for a guy who marches to the beat of a different drum? If one woman says to another, “he’s kind of weird” then where are the women who would respond, “Hmm, I wonder what makes this guy weird. I think I’ll go find out.”I actually met an unusual and strange woman when I first moved here. Her personality was different from most women and she had no expectations on how my personality should be. She no longer lives here and I do miss her presence in my life. The bottom line is, she was a unique gem among an ocean of ordinary automatons. Why don’t more of these women live here?Roy Finkleman

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