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Looking back at the Bells

Dear Editor:After reading Naomi Havlen’s “Hiking with my grandma” (July 29), I decided to write you some memories of camping at the Bells some 50 years ago. We were the Ken Ward family then with a truck and tent and sleeping bags and food for the weekend at the Bells.The road up was gravel then and dusty, but no one was around that September weekend. We were busy gathering firewood, pitching our tent, then fishing in Maroon Creek, just below the lake. Some of our best movies were taken then with children, Carol and Craig Ward, in bright red sweaters crawling along a log to watch their Dad cast a fly! Our collie ran about chasing wee animals and never catching them. No one else was camping or driving nearby.The smells of firewood burning and evening supper are still fond memories as I often go up to paint these 2006 summer days and to draw in small books I have kept over these many years; grandmas at any age still enjoy seeing and feeling the Bells!Becky SparksSnowmass Village