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Looking at flooding dangers in Basalt

Dear Editor:

My name is Laura Gelbher, I’m a student of 11th grade at Basalt High School. I’m part of a group that’s working on Project Citizen. The purpose of this letter is to gain support for the policy that we’re working on. I am really concerned with what I see in the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park in Basalt. The condition of the park and the terrain is really bad. There shouldn’t be such a large settlement in there. The habitants of the park need to leave that place because it is in danger of catastrophic and underground flooding. Those are the reasons of why we developed this policy.

Our policy is called PAFAHA (Pan and Fork Affordable Housing Agreement). To address this issue the policy states the following points: 75 to 80 percent affordable housing replacement has to be given, if it’s built inside the Urban Growth Boundary, or 100 percent if it’s built outside of the boundary. The land of the trailer park can be redeveloped by the owner ” if he or she decides to ” or the town of Basalt, if the land is purchased from the owner.

Now we ask you (the public). What do you think about the PAFAHA policy? Please contact us through our e-mail, panandforktp@gmail.com, to give us your opinion. If enough people support this policy it could be approved.

I hope you agree with us and this letter is published to gain the support required to be approved. Thank you for receiving this letter.

Laura Glebher


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