Look to Arizona

Dear Editor:

Reading The Aspen Times the other day I was disappointed to read that none of the men running for sheriff wanted to do anything about the illegal immigrants in Pitkin County. Simply choosing to pass the buck and blame our federal government is not a form of leadership.

I also felt a disconnect about the reality of our economy as real unemployment is around 16 percent and illegal immigrants are taking jobs and driving down wages. If you don’t want to enforce our laws by going after the illegals go after the people who hire them. There lies the real problem.

As far as Arizona goes, the overwhelming majority of people living in that state support the new policy of enforcement; at the very least the state of Arizona is dealing with the problem. I just saw an animal control truck drive by, and I realize we care more about enforcing runaway dogs and cats in this town. I think you get the point.

Bruce Benzing