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Look outside the box

Michael Conniff’s column, “Valley of the Blondes” (Aspen Daily News, Dec. 11), is trivial at best, misogynistic at worst. His concepts of “natural” and “fake” are archaic and insulting.

According to his reasoning, any time anyone seeks to enhance what he or she has, they are being “fake.” Mr. Conniff looks like a pretty beefy guy. Was he born with those biceps and pecs, or has he done something to enhance them? What, he exercises with the intention of toning his physique, which would otherwise be flaccid without enhancement or attention?

Are women still to be criticized for being “fake” in a historically male-dominated society where we have been programmed since birth by a constant barrage of marketing to believe that fashion and “what we own” are character defining, rather than character reflecting?

One has to practically be an eccentric to live and think outside the matrix of this society. (God forbid, blonde AND eccentric!) Further, in a town like Aspen, which has an inherent duality, nature vs. Gucci, perhaps Mr. Conniff would find his “natural” women by looking “outside the box” of downtown.

Look to the “outer limits” of Aspen’s isolated natural areas, and I bet you’ll find a plethora of female hikers, trekkers, ice climbers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, etc., enjoying nature. Watch out, Mr. Conniff, some of them may be blonde, strong and intelligent!

Kathryn Preston


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