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Look, listen and feel

The “small town” entrance to Aspen is about much more than nostalgia, it’s about a practical reflection of a philosophical underpinning that defines where we live.

How much is enough? Where do we draw the line between retaining our soul and selling out to perceived progress? We would argue that this issue is exactly where we can still make a difference.

Paving across or tunneling under the Marolt Open Space, all in the name of an urban straight shot into town, is not being true to this community. Sure, many of us who have been around these parts for a while are super sensitive to change. Thank goodness!

Other truly loved places in the world have gracefully preserved their uniqueness by resisting change. The time has come that we better be careful not to make decisions that will leave Aspen a generic blank.

It’s kind of like coming across someone who is unconscious ? one of the first things we have learned in our CPR class is to “look, listen and feel.”

Our community, which is intertwined with and nourished by the beauty of the landscape and the idea that is called “Aspen,” is speaking to us to “look, listen and feel” ? to make decisions that will preserve its unique charm and beauty.

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