Look in the mirror

I just had a few spare minutes to read your letters column on Jan. 30 and found the letter by Bill Schaffer to be enlightening, to say the least. I don’t think I have heard that kind of acrimonious, paranoid, greed mongering since Joe McCarthy went down in flames.

Interesting that the so-called “conservatives” use the word “liberal” as a term of condemnation rather than a respected opposition viewpoint, as our democracy would suggest is appropriate for all of us to do for each other.

I very rarely hear anyone using the “c” word as a substitute for criminality, immorality or a justification for other anti-social behavior, although they do seem to tarnish their own halos by getting caught at all of the things they give public lip service to despising.

If I’m not mistaken, Ken Lay and all of his cronies at Enron and Arthur Anderson (et al) were all alleged conservatives, and so were most of the Nixon and Reagan “advisors” who went to prison for what amounted to treason against all Americans.

It’s these kinds of outdated, xenophobic, narrow-minded, uninformed, generalized attacks on people with a conscience on behalf of their fellow humans, who are generically labeled “liberals,” that really WILL cause a revolution in this great country of diversity and, hopefully, compassion.

Just out of curiosity, Bill, how many 18- to 25-year-old Americans would you say should die halfway around the world to protect Exxon and your personal rights of privacy in a war perpetrated by conservatives who, in fact, gave Saddam Hussein the weapons of “mass destruction” in the first place (Reagan/Bush 1985-87), and how many of the unwanted children brought into the world by mothers unable to get legal and socially acceptable abortions in their rotting ghettos are you personally willing to adopt and share your home and private property with? What an incredible misnomer that word “conservative” has become.

Most of the truly successful people in this great land of ours feel it’s a responsible thing to do to give something back to the less fortunate around them in thanks for their personal blessings, as honorable Judeo-Christians, except for pseudos like Bill Schaffer, who would rather wave the stars and stripes from his ivory tower, and then, take his with him.

Count and recount your blessings Bill, all by yourself…

P.S. Is this angry conservative ranting thing another Roger Marolt prank?

M.J. McAllister


[Editor’s note: We assure you, Mr. Schaffer does indeed exist.]


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