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Look in the mirror for a solution

Dear Editor:To all of the Aspenites that have decided that the bear problem “has gone too far,” I advise you all to take a look at the bigger picture. The bears are breaking into your houses because they are starving, their berry and acorn crops have been destroyed due to the unseasonably hot and dry weather this summer. Now let’s think for a second, what could possibly change the climate like that? GLOBAL WARMING. Which is caused by humans, not bears. Bears are not building million-dollar houses, driving Hummers, or creating so much trash that landfills are overwhelmed. You are. So if the problem has gone too far, why don’t YOU do something about it instead of forcing Kevin Wright to murder the animals he works so hard to protect?Perhaps if you hadn’t built your house in the middle of prime bear habitat, you wouldn’t have to worry about them breaking into your house. And what would you call developing a house on their natural habitat? I’d call it breaking in. At least the bears are only raiding your fridge instead of totally destroying your food sources for years to come. The bear “problem” is not going to be better next year, it will only get more severe over time as we slowly, but surely, kill our planet. If you cannot take responsibility for your own actions and the role you play in the bigger picture then move to L.A. or New York or some place that has already been ruined by humans instead of destroying this valley with a complete lack of concern for what makes Aspen such a beautiful and wild place.Jade MossCarbondale