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Look deeper into records

Dear Editor:

While there certainly are differences between the six candidates running for council, the article grossly oversimplified the candidates’ records and philosophies (“Three Basalt candidates vow change in direction,” March 4). I urge Basalt voters to take a deeper look at the candidates’ backgrounds, motivations for running for council and positions on the issues.

For instance, Tuesday’s article summarized Jacque Whitsitt only as having “spoken against numerous development proposals, including the Whole Foods Market at Willits.” More precisely, Jacque and many others in the community opposed giving additional residential approvals to the Willits developers when they lied to council by representing that they needed the additional approvals to make the Whole Foods building financially viable. Fortunately, the council called the developer’s bluff by denying the additional residential approvals, but approved a larger building to accommodate the Whole Foods Market.

Jacque also spoke out in favor of expanding Basalt’s urban growth boundary to accommodate the proposed Sopris Chase development of over 100 mostly affordable residences by the high school. Town Council denied Sopris Chase.

Jacque is a tireless advocate of community engagement, transparent government and principled decision-making.

Whatever your views, I urge all voters to take a long-term perspective of the town’s future, meet each of the candidates and decide for yourselves which will be the best stewards of our town.

David and Jenifer Cramer



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