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Look at Australia

Dear Editor:

Australia and New Zealand are countries with great “socialized” health care with a public option. Of course, they never dropped more than one trillion dollars on a worthless war, so they have money for health care. And Australia lost only one, maybe two, men in Iraq. Furthermore, Australia has largely bypassed the recession!

Sydney has, at least, double the small businesses we have as they definitely have a much healthier small business environment. Americans are “blown away” by the thousands of small restaurants, with great food, everywhere! One reason for this proliferation is that small business does not have the extra burden of health care expense! Furthermore, Aussies, like most Europeans, do not tip!

Australia was modeled after the European system. New workers get a 4-week vacation. They have many more holidays and sick days than U.S. workers and they can receive a retirement benefit. Of course, Australians can buy very good private insurance at about $75 (U.S.) per month for a single male or $125 per month for a family. We should be so lucky!

I have greatly enjoyed spending approximately two months per year for the past eight years in Australia and I have used their “socialized” health system on several occasions. Being American I had to pay, but approximately one-half the U.S. rate. I also consulted one of the world’s top prostate specialists. I definitely wanted to use his service, but was unable. I have used Vets, AARP and Secure Horizons and like the Aussie system equally well, if not better.

It is exceptionally easy to spot loud-mouthed Americans who have rarely been out of the U.S. due to their ignorance of western nations. These perpetual whiners – mostly Republican – have greatly damaged our country and have severely isolated the U.S. from our western “allies.”

Yes, we are becoming more like Russia every day. Too bad for our kids and grandkids we are not more like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. We are definitely going backward and not forward.

Joe Krizmanich

Glenwood Springs

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