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Look ahead

As I read your City Election 2003 section last Tuesday, I noted that Cliff Weiss appears to be chanting the mantra that he opposes Burlingame affordable housing because of school system overcrowding and traffic congestion.

He needs to be reminded that there are 405 children currently in the Aspen school system who are from out of the district. I will not assert that all of these children are from families that would want to live in the Aspen metro area, but I am certain that a great number of them are from the very families that the lack of affordable housing has driven downvalley.

Burlingame may be the way to bring them back. These are the kids and the families that create the sense of community that so many of the candidates claim they want to preserve.

Regarding traffic congestion, the answer is a mass transit corridor that would allow smooth and unimpeded access and egress from downtown, not “solutions” that cause traffic bottlenecks and traffic jams.

All I can say to the candidates is, “Look ahead guys; bringing things to a standstill is not how you plan for tomorrow.”

With hope for the future …

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Richie Cohen