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Longing for the Limeliters

Dear Editor:

I was driving by the new “Limelight” lodge the other day, marveling at the lively hustle and bustle in their open and airy new lobby. This caused me to wonder if any of the folks who were doing all that teeth gnashing and hair pulling before it was built are now willing to concede that it’s a pretty nice-looking building, and a definite community asset.

Further cogitation led to the observation that Aspen seems so often to get worked up about the wrong or irrelevant thing at the expense of the truly important. Take, for example, the spelling change from “Limelite” to “Limelight.” The building was old and worn out, but the name was the sort of link to the past that preservationists claim as their mission. Limelite was a linguistic time stamp that evoked a particular era, in much the same way as terms like veg-o-matic and supersonic, and the loss of the original spelling also forever severed the link to the famed singing group.

No sooner had this thought crossed my mind than my iPod shuffled to a new song and I found myself listening to The Limeliters singing “Pretty Far Out.” I did the math, and there is a one in 300 chance of a Limeliters’ tune playing at any given time, qualifying this fortuitous bit of timing as much more than your ordinary cosmic occurrence.

It might be too much to ask for a “Limeliters’ Corner,” suitable for bit of guitar strumming, in the new facility. However, I do think the ’60s folk demigod I am apparently channeling could be placated with a plaque and a few photos in a suitable location.

Jeffrey Evans


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