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Long war, or permanent war?

Dear Editor:The president of this country, members of his regime, members of his party, most of the media, and even leaders of other countries will tell you that the United States is engaged in global war on terror. They are all wrong.The president has used this monstrous misnomer to claim special powers as a “war president.” As a result, he has invaded two countries; started a worldwide program of torture; authorized illegal wiretapping at the NSA; thrown out the Geneva Convention, and ignored international law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice as he set up prison camps around the world. The global war on terror is not a war at all; it is a figure of speech. It is a figure of speech just as is the War on Drugs, or a War on Crime. In this sense, it means to attack a serious problem in a major way. A real war is what the Constitution of this country says will only be declared by the Congress of the United States. A real war can only be engaged against another sovereign country, not against a ragtag bunch of Muslim extremists. What is really needed is a worldwide police effort. Bush was authorized to go into Afghanistan and grab Osama bin Laden. They blew that. Instead, they invaded Iraq, a country that had no connection to bin Laden. A few weeks of “war” ensued as the U.S. military mopped up one of the world’s weakest military forces. Bush rightly declared an end to that “battle” on the aircraft carrier. Tragically, our soldiers are now reduced to sitting ducks in a shooting gallery as they struggle to cope with an increasingly effective guerilla force in a growing civil war. Iraq is now a training ground for terrorists. The Bush regime has taken their contortion of reality another step. They have now renamed the Global War tn Terror the “long war”. This comes straight out of the pages of George Orwell’s book “1984”, whose Big Brother controlled his population with the “permanent war.” In classic propaganda terms, we are being subjected to the “big lie.” The purpose is to secure wealth and power. We let this lie stand at our peril.Patrick HunterCarbondale