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Long live the republic!

Dear Editor:Well, the 2004 election is now officially over, as Sen. Kerry just called President Bush to congratulate him on his huge win. I didn’t vote for Bush or Kerry, but it is quite apparent this country is conservative. Bush carried almost 4 million more popular votes than he did in 2000, as the Democrats woke up the sleeping, conservative giant.The Democratic Party will now be in disarray for many years to come, as they have lost control of their New World Order agenda. George Bush had Hollywood, the majority of the music industry, Michael Moore and the liberal media (not Fox) against him and he still won. That say’s a lot about this man whom so many (especially in liberal Aspen) have such disdain for. The Democrats need to tone it down a notch as they seem so angry and vile it’s disgusting. This is one of the reasons they lost the election. Terry McCaullife needs to leave the party if they ever want to win again. He resembles everything the party is and shouldn’t be. McCaullife stinks of an elitism and intolerance that is obviously becoming unacceptable in this country. Aspen, George Bush is now your president and you must live with it. Your globalist agenda is on hold right now and for that I give thanks. Any U.S. presidential candidate who would let other countries decide our fate doesn’t deserve to be the leader of this great republic. Sen. Kerry’s faithfulness to the corrupt and outdated United Nations is what cost him this election.Long live the republic!Tom AndersonSnowmass

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