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Long live Darwinism

Dear Editor:

The concept of subliminal suggestion, functioning below the threshold of conscious awareness, has been around for decades. It is entwined in television advertising and the modern day electronic brain washing of our kids.

Subliminal suggestion envelops us, saturating our lives at every turn. It is calculated, conceived and executed by brilliant minds that know the power. High-intensity advertising walks the line of pure subliminal suggestion, a technique actually outlawed, (in theory) because of the enormous power it posses.

For the technique to be most effective, the naïve and unaware are exploited by the trickery of their own simple brain. When bombarded with media snippets and 30-second sound bites, we adsorb information as truthful and factual, without question. We are so intent and focused on the technological, it seems our cognitive, common-sense skills are apparently diminishing. We take in such an abundance of media-bias-infused information that vetting the flow of the data stream has become increasing difficult, if not damn near impossible to verify as sound, or valuable.

The orchestrated, prestidigitation of information skillfully designed for consumption by the constituent populace is controlled by mega-giants of industry, media, politics and education. “Reliable news” is sprinkled with unsubstantiated innuendo, playing to the subliminally preconditioned youth, who are confidently expected to believe blindly and completely, without question.

My parents would tell us, after school “get a snack, do your homework, go outside and play, don’t come home till dinner.” We would ricochet around the neighborhood, climbing trees, fences, rocks, dodging traffic and the mean dogs down the street. Darwinism reigned supreme!

Today with YouTube, Face Book and text messaging, if you’re unlucky enough to be caught with your head down while crossing the street staring at your PDA, plugged into your iTunes, you can always sue the cell phone-infused driver that tags you.

Darwinism has gone by the wayside, replaced by the lawsuit and the liability waiver. Personal responsibility is something the nanny has to worry about. Common sense? Well, I’m having trouble even finding it in the dictionary. Somewhere between comical and tragic, I think.

Does anybody truly believe “we the people” are in control of our government, either locally or nationally? Lobbyists and biased media set policy and have the greatest influence in Washington. Spending a billion dollars to subliminally sell us on puppet politicians (redundant phrase), who themselves are delusional, engrossed with their own sense of self-righteous, narcissistic power.

Just imagine what the obscene collective budgets of both campaigns could have done for education, health care, housing and immigration control. Instead we are force-fed a daily agenda of bipartisan B.S., selectively filtered through favored media sources. It’s enough to make your hair hurt.

Let’s all collectively abdicate personal responsibility, like lemmings at the cliff’s edge; life is foppish. Long live Darwinism. Congress, have a nice vacation, maybe come to Aspen, do a little fundraising. Come November, we will deservedly reap what we cultivate.

Jack Rafferty

Snowmass Village

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