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Lola Joffee Coles

Lola Joffee Coles died July 13. She was 89. She survived for three years after a massive stroke in July 2004, which confined her to a wheelchair at a managed care facility in California.

Lola was born in Chicago, daughter of Leon and Hanna Caine. She moved to Aspen in 1968. She always looked on the bright side, thinking of the glass half-full rather than half-empty. She was loved and respected by many friends in the community.

In addition to great scenery and many sports activities available in Aspen, she was an active member of the Ladies Book Club, the Aspen Institute and loved the music festival.

She is survived by loving husband Ken Coles; her son, Marshall Wais, and his wife, Debora; grandchildren Adam, Rebecca and Ethan; and great-granddaughter Merium.