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Logic is all wrong

(This letter was originally addressed to Stefan Edlis, who had a letter published in Wednesday’s edition of The Aspen Times.)

One could have hoped that you actually did some research before you penned your letter. Quite simply you are wrong. Additionally, this paper is wrong in its titling of your letter.

There is no Palestine. No such country ever existed, only a feeble attempt as a protectorate state of Turkey and England. To call a land that does not, and has never, existed “Palestine” is incorrect and one that the newspaper should get right.

You are either misinformed or plainly ignorant of the use of the funds to purchase ambulances and medicines. The government does not use these vehicles and the medicinal stock. They are either used by the Israeli Red Cross or for individual settlements and cities for use by their volunteer ambulance services, and mostly the latter.

You are wrong in your “logic” that “any funds so provided directly or indirectly ends up to that end,” with that end being your belief that this initiative states support for Israel against the Palestinian uprising.

But about your statements as they relate to the “kill ratio” – one could hardly draw conclusions from a “kill ratio” about who needs ambulances more desperately.

Quite simply, why does the Arab community financially reward the families of suicide bombers, but they don’t buy them ambulances? What would be a better use of funds? Help people, any people that is, or help some people blow other people up?

Funny how you don’t see citizens of Israel going out en-mass killing Palestinian children. You don’t see citizens of Israel going out and bombing Palestinian buses up. You know why you don’t see it, because it doesn’t happen.

Better yet, why don’t we ask Prince Bandar up in his McLain Flats house to have his family stop paying financial rewards to the families of homicide bombers and instead have him buy the Palestinians ambulances?

Lastly, the Palestinians could have had everything they have ever asked for two, five, 10 years ago. Ehud Barak, Israel’s previous Prime Minister was willing to give Arafat everything. The reality is that the Palestinians do not want peace.

Hell, Arafat’s very own al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has claimed responsibility for this latest attack on Israeli citizens. The Palestinians want it all. They want to kill as many Jews as possible.

And, oh yeah, you think the Palestinians like you? They hate you and me the same. Maybe your misplaced concern should be focused on people who wouldn’t kill you if they ever got the chance.

Sha Cohen


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