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Locals’ art show

Dear Editor:The annual locals’ art show at the Aspen Art Museum is always an event I look forward to visiting, but this year’s show was a great disappointment. There is still talented work on display, but gone is the excitement of shows in other years when it seemed that the talent spread thickly over the walls exploded in an exuberance of passion. Instead, I found this year’s show to be minimalist and sterile.Let’s bring back the passion! Let’s also bring back the children’s art show, always a huge favorite with young and old alike.I’m sorry, too, that Kat Townshend, who did such a great job with outreach for the museum, has been let go.I understand that a new director will want to “do her own thing,” but why change what worked so well, why fix something that isn’t broken?Catherine GarlandAspen

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