Tweet all about it: Write for invite |

Tweet all about it: Write for invite

Open to interpretation

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “To Madelyne Leibinger and her parents, thank you for empowering others with your story. @EDCareDenver was honored to be a part of the Aspen Family Connections ‘As You Are’ body positive symposium and panel discussion.” — @DCareDenver

• “People shouldn’t write like they’re hoping for an invite to the Aspen Ideas Festival” — @Almaqah

• “Hard to argue with this: #Aspen votes to hike fines for harassing wildlife, which includes trying to take selfies with bears. via @NewsCPR” — @JoeRassenfoss

• “I love when #boldandbeautiful (and, though not as often, #YR) just casually take us outside. Not when it’s some big story-moving location shoot (like Aspen), just… to the parking lot. It adds so much, brings them into OUR world.” — @soapsindepthcbs

• “Every CEO I have worked for has had their friends kids work in their companies during their school break. And as soon as they graduate they are sitting next to you Sucks, when you are training a kid and he lets you know he skis with the your boss in Aspen” — @Sali1368

• “Check out Aspen’s newest hang out — with a purpose. Maker + Place is a unique business model in #Aspen; coffee shop, hangout, business incubator and host to young entrepreneurs. Located next to Mezzaluna on Cooper St.” — @Blake_ApplebyRE

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