We’re Open: Studio 517

Staff report

We’re Open

In our continued effort to keep the local residents informed on which businesses are open, The Aspen Times has started the “We’re Open” feature to profile local businesses working through the coronavirus crisis. We want to connect consumers with the work businesses are doing to stay open.

Business name: Studio 517

Address: 517 Hopkins (lower level) Aspen, CO 81611

Phone: 787-685-1633

Web: (active in August)


Social media: #studio517

Aspen Times: How have you gotten creative during this time? What have you done to keep your customers engaged?

Studio 517: Early quarantine provided us (the artists at Studio 517) time to develop our creations and to deepen our individual brand identities. We are home to local ceramicists, painters, woodworkers and Siam’s original art jewelry; Siam also offers pearl knotting and quick turnaround jewelry repairs. Being brand new, we are just reaching out to the community as time and effort was needed to create an inviting space for people to shop. We have set committed hours of Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also, anytime the door is open! We are excited to have an open house in early August.

AT: What’s the most important thing the community can do to support you?

S517: Please come visit our workshop/gallery space located right in the heart of town, under Harvey Meadows Gallery. We’re at 517 Hopkins, just across the street from the park behind City Hall (Aspen Saturday market’s “food court”). Discover how much talent and diversity of handmade goods are right here for you! Local artists can really use support now, and we have an exciting array of unique products made by Aspen locals of all ages!

AT: Where can we find your most current offerings and updates?

S517: At this time, coming to the studio is the best way to see all that’s available (no artists are yet allowed to show at Aspen Saturday market). We hold consistent hours and often we are present working other times. Please come say hello anytime the door is open — everyone on site is friendly and helpful.

AT: What has been the best customer experience or comment you’ve had since the crisis started?

S517: A gentleman and his delightful son caught Siam one evening covered in paint, preparing the space for guests. They were drawn in by the ceramics of young resident artist, Miesha. True to their word, they returned the next day with mom when Miesha was working on the wheel. The young gent was quite taken with Matty’s paintings and Siam showed him more of Matty’s work, while Miesha simultaneously aided the parents shopping for her ceramic creations.

AT: Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your business during the pandemic?

S517: We scrub our space continually and have a hand sanitation station upon entering. We only allow those with masks to come inside. We are careful to maintain distance and our space is very large so this is easily achieved.