We’re Open: Challenge Aspen

Staff report
Challenge Aspen has operated virtually since the start of the pandemic.
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We’re Open

In our continued effort to keep the local residents informed on which businesses are open, The Aspen Times has started the “We’re Open” feature to profile local businesses working through the coronavirus crisis. We want to connect consumers with the work businesses are doing to stay open.

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Business name: Challenge Aspen

Address: PO Box 6639, Snowmass Village Mall #309, Snowmass Village, CO 81615

Phone: 970-923-0578



Social media: Facebook and Instagram (@challengeaspen)

Aspen Times: How have you gotten creative during this time? What have you done to keep your customers engaged?

Challenge Aspen: Virtual, virtual, virtual; from fundraising to participant engagement. Bingo, National Park Tours, art, cooking, pound/drumming therapy, and the list expands week by week.

AT: What’s the most important thing the community can do to support you?

CA: No money, no mission. While this may be blunt and not politically correct, it is a fact. Every dollar makes a difference in Challenge Aspen’s ability to provide programing for those with cognitive, service-related and/or physical disabilities.

AT: Where can we find your most current offerings and updates?

CA: Our website

AT: What has been the best customer experience or comment you’ve had since the crisis started?

CA: We have started a Facebook page: ChallengeAspenites. This has brought staff, volunteers, board members and most importantly participants together. Sharing photos, stories, wishes and support, this page has truly made a difference to all.

AT: Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your business during the pandemic?

CA: The safety of our participants, staff and volunteers has been and will continue to be our highest priority.