We’re Open: Aspen Real Life

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Jillian Livingston is the founder of Aspen Real Life
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We’re Open

In our continued effort to keep the local residents informed on which businesses remain open, The Aspen Times has started the “We’re Open” feature to profile local businesses working through the coronavirus crisis. We want to connect consumers with the work businesses are doing to stay open.

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Business name: Aspen Real Life, LLC

Address: P.O. Box 10193 Aspen, CO 81612

Phone: 970-379-3864



Aspen Times: How have you gotten creative during this time? What have you done to keep your customers engaged?

Aspen Real Life: As someone who is passionate about breeding a positive and engaging atmosphere to connect others together, I continue to grow my community regardless of whether we can meet online or off. Resuming back to connecting professionals online is a no-brainer for me as I’ve been doing it for a very long time. I am in my comfort zone producing weekly Zoom chats, and appreciate the ease it brings over producing events at venues with 80-plus guests. On Wednesdays at 9 a.m. I bring in invited local and global thought leaders to run Coffee Chats, and on Thursdays at 5 p.m. I have been throwing more casual happy hour business mixers.

Bringing in local and global thought leaders to lead the Coffee Chats has been very well received. Right now I am focusing on healing and wellness and those leading the conversations have included Rabbi Itzhak Vardy, of Neshama Center Aspen, and Jill Rubin, KDNK Radio’s host for “Let’s Talk.” Upcoming speakers include Erin Riccio of Conservation Colorado, Nicole Lindstrom of Lead with Love, and Andrea Palm-Porter of Roaring Fork Leadership. Lead with Love and Roaring Fork Leadership also are partners of Aspen Business Connect, along with CoVenture and Here House.

At the business mixers, I moderate the conversations ensuring that connection and collaborations are the focus. The directions to prepare for these mixers are to rehearse a one-minute pitch, define the ask, change out of PJ’s or sweats, and mix a “quarantini,” which is basically a mixed drink containing whatever alcohol or non-alcoholic ingredients you have in your cabinets.

AT: What’s the most important thing the community can do to support you?

ARL: I would love for business professionals to take advantage of this free service I am offering and join in on these weekly chats. The synergy that has been occurring at the events at Scarlett’s, Caribou Club, St. Regis, Marble Bar Aspen, (what was) Grey Lady Aspen and Aspen Chapel has definitely carried over to the Zoom chats.

In addition, I already have incredible sponsors who allow me to be in the flow of my work and keep costs low for guests, but for the extent of what I would like to do, i.e., more creative connecting events partnering with business venues throughout the valley, the more sponsors who show up to support us, the more we can all shine brighter together. Sponsors do not need to be local, by the way; they just need to have a vested interest in supporting and connecting with our community.

One more thing: businesses may now become members and utilize the blog and platforms to amplify their messages, products and services. Email me at with “Become a Member” in the subject line.

AT: Where can we find your most current offerings and updates?

ARL: will take you directly to my offerings. There is also a calendar on announcing Coffee Chat guest speakers.

AT: What has been the best customer experience or comment you’ve had since the crisis started?

ARL: I call them rewards when beautiful words of thanks and encouragement pop into my streams from all over the web. They are often what keep me going, but the one that has resonated with me most since this crisis is when my Snowmass Base Village Development sponsor told me that they came in because they greatly appreciate my authentic desire to intentionally create community. It is so amazing to be appreciated for that.

AT: Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your business during the pandemic?

ARL: I soon will be in search of a part-time editor to manage the content on the blog, as well as writers to continue to write authentically about the “real life and people” of our Roaring Fork Valley.


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