Tweet All About It: Time for Aspen |

Tweet All About It: Time for Aspen

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “It looks like Aspen isn’t quite ready to let go of skiing season this year! Just a four-hour drive from Lakehouse, we’ll be spending the long-holiday weekend enjoying the fresh powder. : @mollygibsonlodge” — @LakehouseDenver

• “@DonaldJTrumpJr How much money have you given to homeless organizations? Have you donated money to renovate soup kitchens? Bring in more beds for them? You have all these millions of dollars right? Do you give it back or do you go to aspen?” — @PA_MI_Resistor

• “My heart goes out to the Aspen ski community and the family of Sam Coffey. Sam was one of the best skiers in the valley and always quick with a laugh. Ski on, my friend.” — @MikeDski

• “I can’t spend all day avoiding the fact that I can’t take every book with me on this three week visit to the Aspen Center for Physics. I have to admit the truth and begin to cope.” — @IBJIYONGI

• “I love my room…sitting at my desk I saw a sunny day turn into a snowy evening and watched a family of deer take shelter from the snow in the bushes in the back of my place. All this took place in about 15 minutes all whilst listening to 16 Bit Lolitas…#colorado #aspen” — @cuellar_

• “One thing I love about living in Aspen is so many people are just naturally kind, and generous” — @biieberella

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