Tweet All About It: How’s your Aspen? |

Tweet All About It: How’s your Aspen?

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “We all (love)️ #snow here in #Aspen but is it good for #wine? We hear from the experts it is! Snow usually means a better germination and then a good vintage as well as bringing nitrogen from the atmosphere and melting into water deep into the soil. We always knew snow is awesome!” — @AspenGrogShop

• “I lived in Aspen & dealt w/ rich local brats & their ‘justice’ system. One of them, driving drunk, smashed my car & took off. I had his lic plate # & veh description. Cops told me not to ‘ruin his life’ by pressing charges. His daddy gave me $2000 cash to go away. Wht do u xpect?” — @delatiffanyhunt

• “So @7908Aspen , you deny us access, (the locals you claim to want to cater too) telling me ‘sorry, we have a SUPER STRICK dress code.’ As two 22 year olds walk out in tennis shoes and ripped jeans. ‘Super strick’ and super douche. #Aspen” — @marcimichelle

• “Gee could the $200 day passes, and lack of a transportation solution beyond sitting on I-70 for hours, may be a problem? Good job Vail! You’ve outdone yourself with your wannabe-Aspen elitist crap.” — @SenverDammy

• “Can’t decide if the highlight of my day was meeting Adam Sandler in the guitar shop … standing beside Goldie Hawn in the gondola line … or discovering that they now add a ‘2% Kitchen Appreciation Fee’ to the bill here? #aspen” — @samilukis

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