Tweet All About It: Cheers and jeers for Aspen

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “Maybe the upcoming nuclear winter will finally bring snow to #Aspen this season” — @jstoerner

• “so as you can imagine, the aspen airport is very bougie. kendall jenner, bella hadid, etc… all here along side me this week…” — @katieswalters

• “My family and I drove through #Aspen in 2005 but didn’t bother to stop due to the bad vibes. Now I see that our instincts were spot on. If you have a differing opinion you are called out and published in the local paper. Yikes! No thanks.” — @jtomka

• “Way to go Aspen. On Jan. 1, the city imposed a new $3 per pack tax on cigarettes AND raised the tobacco age to 21. #Aspen is doing its part to make the next generation tobacco-free.” — @TobaccoFreeKids

• “In the gondola on the way up the mountain trying hard not to have a panic attack #Aspen” — @katierhulme

• “Paris Hilton got engaged while skiing in Aspen. Would you believe it? As soon as she gets home and someone explains what engaged actually means she’ll call it off again.” — @K00L_DUDE

• “Some kid just told me they’re going away to Aspen, to which I replied: California, where the beer flows like wine…. kid responds — what?! It’s in Colorado….. How old can I be where ‘Dumb & Dumber’ is dated, jeez!!” — @DTawil1

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