Tweet All About It: Any Aspen ideas, suggestions? |

Tweet All About It: Any Aspen ideas, suggestions?

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A3.

• “Said goodbye to Aspen today: a place where NIMBY attitudes towards public housing are not about preventing proximity to undesirable people, but fear of blocking desirable views. #aspen #affordablehousing #sociology” — @stubes2006

• “Why was Christie, or Paul Ryan, invited to the Aspen Ideas center. Can anyone go to that, or does one have to be a crooked politician who shuts down bridges out of spite to be invited.” — @edwardweinman1

• “ANYONE who in any way supported or assisted deranged traitor Trump during the campaign or after needs to be shunned by civil society. Depraved characters like Christie should be banned from any gathering including the Aspen Ideas Festival.” — @Buckleup36

• “I see Charlie Sykes on tv and he is apparently in Aspen with Tiehack in the background and all I can think of is skiing, not hearing one word he says. Not that that is a big deal:) Can’t wait for next season skiing in #aspen, broken thumb and all:)” — @Martina

• “It will take me 3 days to go from #aspen to #capetown. Three flights and thousands of miles. Looking forward to seeing my little one. Need to invent a faster way to travel #traveldiaries #momprenuer #wunderlust #AspenIdeasFestival” — @NaadiyaMoosajee

• “My parents taught me a lot of things but how to become a classical musican was not in their wheelhouse. Growing up i was addicted to reading the Aspen Music Festival say being in #Aspen this week is a dream come true is an understatement” — @d4vidfranc3

• “Guess I’ll just have to spend three weeks in #Aspen next year…there’s just so much incredible information being shared at @aspenideas! #AspenIdeasFestival #AspenIdeas” — @RJConsults

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